NACOSS & other standards

NACOSS is now recognised more as an acronym for codes or practice for the security industry, but it is a legacy term from the former National Approval Council for Security Systems. The Council was merged into the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) some years ago and its valuable guidance documents are still in circulation, although they are gradually being updated.

NSI provide the industry’s premier schemes for accrediting security installation and maintenance companies, such as AM Fire & Security Systems, and chose to use the NACOSS acronym for their Gold logo.

NSI’s schemes incorporate all of the relevant British and European standards that describe the specific requirements for security systems, such as the electromagnetic compatibility of components; or the requirements for interconnections equipment using radio frequency techniques.

Suffice to say that there is an immense volume of knowledge we need to be able to demonstrate when NSI comes to re-examine us every year! Here are some of the current standards after 2009:

Type of system

Related standard

Not only is there a huge learning commitment for us, but we need to keep up-to-date as new revisions are issued. In our monthly management meetings we actually discuss new legislation and how it affects our operations.